Thursday, May 15, 2008

Perfect by Harry Kraus, MD


I've been a HUGE fan of Dr. Kraus' writing for years, but in the words of Randy Jackson: "You're last was just ai'it for me, know what I'm sayin'? But this NEW, it's Da Bom...great job, Dog!"

(Sorry...HUGE American Idol fan too...and it's down to the two Davids...WOO bad!)

"Perfect" tells the story of Wendi Stratford's life. Perfect child, perfect wife, perfect doctor husband, perfect house...perfect everything.

Or so it would seem.

But poor Wendi's tired of being perfect. So she hatches a plan to leave her husband and to run off to Jamaica...with her piano teacher, Jack (why is it ALWAYS the piano player?? LOL!!). One catch...she hasn't made her intentions known to Jack yet.

When she does, he's undecided. After all, he's the choir director of her father's church...did I forget to mention her dad's a pastor? Still, he IS attracted to Wendi. So, he'll either return home or return to her.

Until tragedy strikes.

Then Wendi wonders...was it her sin that caused this? Is it her sin that has caused all of the tragedy in her life, and in her family's lives? Is it because, on the outside she appears perfect, but inside she knows she is a teeming mass of anger and resentment and even desire?

While on the surface this appears to be a story of one woman's dissatisfaction with her life and her struggle to find God and the truth...don't let that fool you! This is a mystery of the highest caliber, with hairpin twists and shockers that will have you shouting...

..."Whoa! I didn't see that coming!"

Harry Kraus has penned his finest novel yet! Watching Wendi struggle with that "Pastor's Kid" persona, yet observing her work toward the truth in an honest and heartfelt way was encouraging. Seeing the love and acceptance when Rene, the black sheep of the family, returns with her own life in a mess was heartwarming.

And the mystery and murder and mayhem...was exhilarating! I'm sorry, but I love me a good murder mystery with a little CSI thrown in for good measure, and Dr. Kraus delivers on this one!

I'm giving "Perfect" five out of five bookmarks, with a mirror as a charm...we all need to look deeply into it, as well as Scripture, to know who we really are, and then to admit it and let God do a work in us...just like He'll do for Wendi!

And good news! You won't have to wait long for "Perfect" to releases June 2008 from Zondervan:-)

Happy Reading!



Amy said...

Which David are you rooting for Deena? I just love David Cook!

Deena Peterson said...

I must admit, I'm rooting for David Archuleta...but I won't be upset at either winning:-)

Brittanie said...

I love American Idol too. I am a David Cook fan first but I like them both. :)