Monday, April 28, 2008

The Secret's In the Sauce by Linda Evans Shepherd & Eva Marie Everson


The Potluck Club is back and better than ever! While Evie and Vernon Vesey were on their honeymoon, Lisa Leann decided to capitalize on word of mouth, and The Potluck Catering Club was born.

So, how's Evangeline going to take the news? Well, she's still honeymooning with her husband--finally! What's got her more troubled is the return of Vernon's first wife and her daughter, and what they are doing to Donna, Evie's new step-daughter.

Grown step-daughter.

Something Evie's going to have to learn if she and Donna are ever going to be close--and if she wants to keep her closeness with Vernon!

All God's children got secrets...and that proves true in this installment of this popular series. Lisa Leann's past has followed her to Texas, and how is she going to keep it from husband Henry?

Goldie and Jack are doing much better, but she still has trust issues. Going home for a family event brings them to the surface...can she tell Jack without breaking their fragile marriage?

Will Donna ever choose between Wade and David? And what's this about an undercover mission?

Lizzie and Vonnie don't escape the secrets either...but I'll leave those for you to discover. Suffice it to say, a girl needs her girlfriends to help keep her honest, transparent and on her pray to God!

I'm loving this new chapter in the history of the Potluck Club, and I think you will as well. These are NOT whiny women...think Steel Magnolias and you'll be a lot closer to the truth:-)

Happy Reading!


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Barbara H. said...

I am glad to know this new installment is out!