Tuesday, April 1, 2008

LOL: The Bigger The Hair, The Closer To God by Sue Buchanan (AND A GIVEAWAY!!)

It's time we all had a laugh, no matter what we're going through. I sure know I could use one, and I know no one better at laughter than this next author...


I took a lot of ribbing about this one today, but it was worth it! In "The Bigger The Hair, The Closer To God", Sue Buchanan encourages all of us to unleash our inner "Big Hair Lady". To let ourselves be free to be...us, regardless of circumstances or people.

In this hilarious and sometimes poignant book, Sue tackles unleashing us from some things and unleashing us TO other things. For instance, she unleashes us from those things that hold us back, and unleashes us to be a friend.

My favorite chapter had to be "Love Your Outfit! Does It Only Come in Large Sizes?", unleashing us from rude and negative people. Now, I'm the first person to admit, I have a glass half full personality, which can at times be a real drag. But, as I told my husband the other day when he reminded me of this, "At least I see a glass!"

I also loved being unleashed from the unholy trappings of church life. Some of the things Sue said made me wonder if she grew up in the same denomination I did! If so, praise God we've been unleashed, and I'm having the time of my life.

Filled with witty humor and even a smidge of sarcasm at times (love that!), Sue has earned the right to make us laugh. A breast cancer survivor, she is now walking her daughter through her second bought with the disease. And she's doing it with laughter filled tears, and all her heart.

That's one thing you can count on from Sue Buchanan...she has a huge heart and is a great encourager. Now, me? I just love her sense of humor. I'm giving "The Bigger The Hair, The Closer To God" five out of five bookmarks, with a tiny package of tissues.

She'll either make you laugh so hard you'll cry, or she'll make you feel so much you'll cry. Either way, it never hurts to be prepared.

Now, wanna win a copy? Leave me a comment and I'll draw a winner on April 15th (Tax Day--no laughing matter--NOT!). Tell me a joke, make me laugh, and you might win a bonus gift!!

Happy Reading!



Melissa said...

I'd love to win. Here's my joke:

A minister told his congregation, "Next week I plan to preach about the sin of lying. To help you understand my sermon, I want you all to read Mark 17." The following Sunday, as he prepared to deliver his sermon, the minister asked for a show of hands. He wanted to know how many had read Mark 17. Every hand went up. The minister smiled and said, "Mark has only sixteen chapters. I will now proceed with my sermon on the sin of lying."

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windycindy said...

Yes, I could certainly use a good laugh myself! Life has been a bit stressful in our household! Here is my Easter joke ~ A woman went in her kitchen one morning and opened the refrigerator and there was a rabbit inside. She screamed and asked
"What are you doing in there!" The rabbit replied "Isn't this a "Westinghouse?" ( a resting house }. My 90 year old dad told me this one. Thanks,Cindi

Anonymous said...

Would love to read this book.


Tara said...

I'd love to win too!

Here's a joke I got sent through email...

Sally was driving home from one of her business trips in Northern
Arizona when she saw an elderly Navajo woman walking on the side of the road.
As the trip was a long and quiet one, she stopped the car and asked the Navajo woman if she would like a ride.

With a silent nod of thanks, the woman got into the car. Resuming the journey, Sally tried in vain to make a bit of small talk with the
Navajo woman. The old woman just sat silently, looking intently at
everything she saw, studying every little detail, until she noticed a brown bag on the seat next to Sally.

"What's in the bag?" asked the old woman.
Sally looked down at the brown bag and said, "It's a bottle of wine.
I got it for my husband."

The Navajo woman was silent for another moment or two. Then speaking with the quiet wisdom of an elder, she said, "Good trade."

Mocha with Linda said...

I dunno. . . . if I'm gonna laugh that much, I might need Depends more than tissues! Sounds great!

And I hope it's not too taxing to choose a winner on the 15th!

Cee Cee said...

Am I late? If not, please sign me up. Here's my joke: You are caught up on your reading and your mailbox is empty! Happy day after April fools day.

Grateful Gramma said...

My hair! My hair's the joke! 'cause if it takes big hair to get close to God, I'm in a whole lot of trouble!

Please enter me in the drawing. I think I need to read this!


ChristyJan said...

Several years ago I worked as a teachers assistant at a grade school. At the time I was wearing my hair long and straight. One afternoon after school I got it got and layered. The next morning I was so excited to wear my new "do". It was all bouncy and layered. While I was walking through the crowded lunchroon I heard (along with everyone else) this loud little voice yelling..."Mrs. Hawkes! Mrs. Hawkes! YOU FORGOT TO COMB YOUR HAIR!"

twiga92 said...

Please enter me for this giveaway. Sounds great! bookaddict4life(at)gmail(dot)com