Monday, April 7, 2008

Choosing Your Faith by Mark Mittelberg


In a world where we're constantly being told what to believe and why, Mark Mittelberg steps outside the box and writes a book about how to choose what you believe. Instead of telling, he ends up showing, and he does it very well!

We live in a world of a multitude of spiritual options, with many picking and choosing and creating their own personal belief system. In order to reach those particular people and skeptics alike, Mark first does an analysis of six different methods of belief:

Tradition and truth
Authority and reality
Intuition and Knowledge
Mystical thinking
Logic, evidence and science

With each system of belief, he gently pokes holes in the logic or lack of logic within each system. For instance, concerning relativism, he cites a conversation between well known commentator Bill O'Reilly and atheist Richard Dawkins.

One believes God does not exist. One believes He does exist. So, if we accept relativism as a genuine and workable belief system, God both exists and doesn't exist at the same time. Bring a Hindu into the mix, and God exists in all things, even the chair that Dawkins sits upon. Can you imagine a Scientologist entering this discussion?

By showing the faulty thinking behind these systems of belief...not religions, but ways of believing and choosing faith, Mark then moves into the more factual portion of his book.

Some of what he shares about the trustworthiness of Scripture I've heard before, but some had me sit up and take note. I've never had trouble trusting that God's Word was just that...God's Word. But the evidence and the logic he lays out just helps to reinforce what I already believed...

...and hopefully helps the skeptic further down their faith path.

Finally, Mark examines reasons why people choose not to believe, such as anger towards God, fear of trusting and being let down, being uninformed ("I don't know where the contradictions are...I was just told they were there"), and simply refusing to believe.

All in all this is a great book for those really seeking God and what to believe. For the closed-minded, it most likely won't do much, but you never know. Well known author Lee Strobel said he wished Mark's book had been around when he finally began seeking the truth...and that's HIGH praise!

But you really have to think and to pay attention with this one. It is fun reading, but I wouldn't call it light reading. I'm giving "Choosing Your Faith" five out of five bookmarks, with a key to a door...the Only door. And I'm praying this book helps you unlock the truth when you read it.

Happy Reading!


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NotJustLaura said...

This sounds like a really useful book for me - I have times of doubting my faith and 'trying out' other religions in consequence. Maybe having more knowledge will keep my feet on the right path. I've put it on my wishlist. Thanks for such a good review.