Monday, March 3, 2008

Let Me Fly By Elisa Mayo


Here's another book that accidentally got lost in the huge mountain of books for me to read and review! This is what I like to call a "life-changer"...and that's a good thing!

Elisa's debut novel is the story of Celia Martin, a woman at the crossroad of her life. On the one hand, Celia longs for success and security in her life, as well as freedom from the small town living that can be hers if she chooses it.

Her life with Vince is exciting and glamorous...and what could be better? But when she catches sight of her man in a less than heartwarming this what she wants for herself?

But from her brokenness comes joy and healing, and you will celebrate with Celia as she chooses God's way instead of her own.

The writing was a little choppy, but the storyline compelled me along. For those who love novels about small town living, this is a good choice for you! I'm giving "Let Me Fly" three out of five bookmarks, with a firefly as a charm...simply because it just fits!

To learn more about "Let Me Fly" and about Elisa, check out her website by clicking here.

Happy Reading!


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