Monday, March 3, 2008

Dark Well of Decision by Anne Kimberly


"Dark Well Of Decision" is a debut tween novel by author Anne Kimberly. Part Alice in Wonderland (think down the rabbit hole) and part Darby O'Gill and the Little People, Anne has written a beautiful spiritual allegory for tween and teen girls!

Written for her granddaughter, Zoe, this is the story of Zoe at thirteen...all awkward and self-conscious, and struggling to know God as He wants to be known. Trying to escape her grandmother's list of chores, Zoe wanders off to her favorite place in the woods.

Zoe lamented her awkwardness, her often uncontrolled tears, and her now adolescent complexion. After a time alone, counting her blessings and rethinking her pastor's sermon on knowing God, Zoe stumbles upon the oldest well on her grandparents' property.

While peering into the well, Zoe finds herself falling into a world unlike any other she has ever seen. Filled with delights and lessons to be learned, Zoe takes a journey to the heart of knowing God and enduring temptation in its purest form.

This book is PERFECT for homeschoolers who want great illustrations of God's truths for their children. I happily recommend it...and I'm giving "Dark Well of Decision" three out of five bookmarks, with a well as a charm.

Happy Reading!


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