Thursday, February 7, 2008

Simplify by Paul Borthwick


We all tend to live cluttered, complicated lives, don't we? I know I do. When I look at my tower of to be read books...YIKES! So, this little book was a real treat to browse through.

"Simplify" by Paul Borthwick is 106 ways to uncomplicate your life. Sounds simple, doesn't it? (no pun intended!) But from the simplicity of the cover to the message of the book, Paul's suggestions are not only readable, they are doable.

In "Simplify", Paul discusses how our multitude of choices in our culture leaves us stressed out, and I know he speaks the truth. Just trying to decide what to read is enough to give me a headache! Our family loves "In-n-Out Burger"...and do you know why?

All they sell are burgers, fries, sodas and shakes. That's IT. Talk about simple! And it's sad what a relief that kind of thing is in our lives. But Paul nails it when he says "We face so many options that we may find ourselves praralyzed looking at the options."


In this book Paul also discusses discerning want from need (hello!), and examines how we spend our leisure time. I had a discussion about this just yesterday with my son, who just turned 14. He helped me out around the house yesterday (we're a homeschool family), and yet still had lots of time to do the things he enjoyed doing.

His priorities allowed a stress free day for both son and mom, because he made wise choices, and was rewarded with some relaxation. Time management is also a topic covered in Paul's book.

He closes with ten Biblical principles to help foster a world Christian lifestyle that I think you'll find intriguing, as well as a list of resources to help simplify your life.

And Paul really gets it. The back cover of his book states, "Do you need this book? Ask yourself before you buy it lest a book on simplifying your life be added to the cluttered stack of to-be-read literature you already own."

Now THAT sold me instantly! So, pick up a copy of "Simplify"...pour yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or grab a soda, put your feet up, and mellow out with one of the most unique books on simplification I've had the pleasure of reading.

I'm giving "Simplify" five out of five bookmarks, with a little dustpan as a charm...for cleaning out the clutter:-) Thanks, Paul!

Happy Reading!


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Amy said...

Sounds good, definitely need to simplify, thanks for the recommendation Deena!