Thursday, February 28, 2008

May I Introduce: The Prodigal Comes Home by Michael English


We only have two more days in our month of biographies, so I'm going to do my best to squeeze in two that will get you to thinking...and that's always a good thing, right??


Ever notice how, when those in Christian ministry fall, others are quick to pick up rocks to throw? Sometimes it seems we tend to relish their failures, and I myself have found a stone or two in my own hand at times.

But I'm growing and changing, and I'm less apt to judge based on media reports about a brother or sister who's fallen. After reading this biography, I think I'll stop all together.

So drop your rocks and start reading an amazingly honest story of redemption and restoration!

Michael English first broke into the Christian music scene through his role in the Gaither Vocal Band. Good looking, filled with charisma, and with a voice that sent chills through you, he made his mark on music with the smash hit, "In Christ Alone".

But it was all an act. Growing up in a home where he never knew when he'd get slapped in the face...where Momma drank and Daddy ridiculed her for it...where grandparents were set on catching him at his all led to deep rooted insecurities that would later cost Michael his career, his family...and nearly take his life.

His fall from grace and favor came when news of his affair with Marabeth Jordan, singer in the group First Call, became public. But that was just the beginning of this prodigal's run from God and His grace.

We're so quick to judge, especially those in the public arena...whether they're musicians, singers, or ministers. But we're all deeply flawed people, in desperate need of a Savior..regardless of whether our name is well known or unknown.

Michael takes us all the way back to his beginnings as a child, and leads us to the triumphant conclusion of his life today. He doesn't hide any detail, but he also doesn't "brag" about his exploits or rub our noses in the things he did.

What he does instead is paint a painful yet gorgeous portrait of the story from Scripture of the prodigal son, and show those who may be lost in the wilderness of sin the road back home.

Remember Michael's story the next time a Christian "star" falls from the heavens of fame, won't you? I'm giving "The Prodigal Comes Home" seven out of five bookmarks, with a stone of remembrance as a charm. We can only be sure we're on the right path when we mark the places God delivered us, and then continue to follow where He leads.

Michael has also released a CD that is a musical retelling of his journey that is both powerful and inspiring. Again, in his music Michael holds nothing back. And it moved me like I haven't been moved in a very long time.

Welcome home, Michael. It's good to see you again...and to see Jesus in your eyes.

Happy Reading!



Kim said...

WOW, Deena!!


Queen B said...

I'm so glad that this book is great! I loved Michael English's music and was so sad when the industry turned on him. I'm going to get this book tomorrow!!!

Kim said...

P.S to my earlier comment....

That "WOW" up above is a "WOW" of amazement! This sounds like a fabulous book!!