Friday, February 15, 2008

Adam by Ted Dekker


Word of warning: Do NOT read this book alone, or late at night when your husband coughing in bed is enough to make you jump out of your skin! Yes, it's THAT intense!

A serial killer is on the loose and FBI behavioral psychologist Daniel Clark is on his trail. Well known for his arguments against religion, Daniel pursues "Eve" to the point of death...

...his own. Or...what exactly DID happen to Daniel? And what if it happens again?

It would seem that the trail leading to "Eve" has gone as cold as Daniel's lifeless body. In truth, it's only the beginning of a long battle that reflects the true nature of evil vs. good, and how we must believe if we are ever to be protected from just such an evil.

This is Dekker at his finest...a taut psychological thriller that takes you to the very edge of sanity, only holding you by a thread of faith lest you fall into the abyss.

What amazes me is how he can write such powerful novels and not lose it somehow! Ted Dekker's faith runs deep, and his belief in the evil in this world is genuine, passionate, and rich fodder for his novels.

You cannot read a Ted Dekker novel without going along on the ride yourself, and it is not for faint of heart. How anyone could read one of his powerful stories and walk away without faith in God is mind-boggling to me.

Seems you'd want to believe just to shield yourself from the evil present in this world, as presented by Ted Dekker's writings!

"Adam" delves into the world of near death experiences, demon possession and the fragility of the human psyche. In my opinion, this is his most powerful novel since "Blink", and I look forward to more from this amazing author.

Yup, this is the Ted Dekker who brought us "Thr3e", and I'm SO glad he's back! I give "Adam" six out of five bookmarks, with a Bible as a charm...that's the only power in this world that can and will stomp out the evil that seeks men's souls...believe me.

Again, I caution you about reading this book when you're not with someone or at least living in the light. This is powerful stuff that nearly sent me through the roof at the slightest noise!

Happy Reading...bwahahahahahahaha!! (okay, that was just so WRONG!)



ForstRose said...
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ForstRose said...

Sorry had to fix a typo on that last comment!

Once again you've written a great review and I don't mean ratings wise - it's your writing itself. If Thr3e hadn't given me sleepless nights after reading it I'd be seriously considering adding this to my TBR list. Thr3e was great writing but unfortunately for Mr Dekker I'm a bit of a scaredy cat and his writing is eerily realistic even though it's fiction.

Thanks for your reviews.


Amy said...

looks fantastic!

Mama Zen said...

Great review! I LOVE scary!