Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Minor Protection Act by Jodi Cowles


I read a lot. But, you already know that, don't you? However, as much as I read, rarely do I read a book that I believe should be required reading for all Christian Americans. This is one, if I had the power, I would demand it be read by every believer.

"The Minor Protection Act" is a debut novel by author Jodi Cowles, and I have never read a novel so chilling and so plausible in my life as a reader. Be warned...this book will challenge your thinking, cause your heart to pound, and just may impact your vote in the presidential election.

Jack Stone is a world famous lawyer, and he has been handed a case of a lifetime. With his built in prejudice against all things Christian, he is the perfect person to help the President of the United States develop and pass the Minor Protection Act.

Based on a case involving liberal parents, a homosexual daughter who commits suicide, and a conservative Christian family who is in the crosshairs of the liberals of America, "The Minor Protection Act" is chilling in the possibilites.

Should the Minor Protection Act pass, President Anthony Farmer will succeed in removing children from Christian homes and placing them in more "tolerant" environments, and you won't believe the outcome of this bill.

As I read, I began to wonder how much of Jodi's book could be actual legislation that was attempted but did not pass, and just how close we could be to facing something such as this in our country.

And before you call me an alarmist, in California a bill was passed and signed into law stating that public schools must have unisex bathrooms and locker rooms for students who are transgender, and a fight is now going on to try to repeal this bill. Let your mind wander over the ramifications of THAT bill for a moment.

This book is powerful and intense, and lest you believe it is a downer of a book, let me tell you that it is PACKED with heroes of the modern Christian faith...and some of them inspired me so greatly, I wept as I read.

"The Minor Protection Act" gets the rare six out of five bookmark award from me, with a ballot charm. Buy copies for everyone you know, send some to your government leaders, to your church leadership, and don't forget yourself! And, once you've read to the last page, get down on your knees and pray for our country, and for Christian families everywhere.

To read the first chapter and to get to know Jodi better, click here.

Happy Reading!


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Kim said...

If you enjoyed this book, you will really enjoy Jodi's blog. She is an incredibly "in touch" person when it comes to what is taking place in the world around us. Check it and you will see the link to her blog.

I had a chance to meet her this past summer, and she is a super lady! I hope she gets another book out soon!