Friday, January 25, 2008

For Better Or For Worse by Diann Hunt

Amidst all of the books I read, I have a list of my top favorite authors who always deliver a great reading experience. I'm so happy to say that Diann Hunt is on that list, and once again, she has delivered a new novel that isn't just fun to read, but that changes how I think about myself.

"For Better Or For Worse" is the story of Wendy Hartline, widowed business owner and doormat extraordinaire. Everyone, it seems, can tell Wendy what to do, but she can't seem to tell anyone what she wants or how she feels. And watching it was very painful for me; I kept seeing myself in her--and my mom in her as well.

Marco Amorini is a divorce lawyer who has decided to open a restaurant and lodge right next door to Wendy's small wedding chapel. What could be worse than a divorce lawyer next door to a wedding chapel?

Well, it doesn't take long for Marco to begin his own interference into Wendy's life, and the tension builds from there. With Logan, her controlling boyfriend; Brooke, her uncooperative and soon to be separated from her husband daughter; and dear old Dad, controlling and obnoxious and now living with Wendy--can you FEEL the pressure??

Toss into the mix her son Colin and his new fiancee...did I mention Sophia is Marco's daughter? Wendy's life is spiraling out of control and she must learn to stand up for herself or lay down her life at God's feet...which, ironically, can often be the same thing.

This is the story of second chances, of being bold in what you believe, and of serving others without neglecting the needs of the one who is serving. It's about being true to God's call and not hanging up on Him when He calls...and being able to put others on hold when necessary.

Now, this wasn't easy reading for me. Diann tried a new thing in this novel (at least, I THINK she did). Not only is it written in first person, but in first person, present tense. That is not my usual style, and it tripped me up a bit early in the story.

But I've noticed a trend in Christian fiction toward more first person voice, and I'm getting used to it. This is even more unique, and I won't say I like it, but it does take some getting used to. However, Diann can pull it off with style, humor, and once again her characters burrow their way into your heart and you fall in love with the story and the people by the final page.

I'm giving "For Better Or For Worse" five out of five bookmarks with a toilet brush as a charm, believe it or not! You'll most definitely have to read this one to figure out why, and when you do...well, if you're not laughing, you're not paying attention!

Also, the final scene between Wendy and Dad...made me wish for my dad once again (miss you, Daddy!), and that's all I'm saying 'bout that! Pick up a copy of this fun and entertaining novel today!

Happy Reading!



Amanda said...

Deena, thanks for the great review and thanks for the e-card as well!! I haven't been checking my email as regularly as I should, but that was super sweet of you and it put a huge smile on my face!! YAY for babies!!

Brittanie said...

Diann is one of my favorite authors. I look forward to her future releases. Hopefully another one soon :)