Friday, December 7, 2007

Learning To Fly by Roxanne Henke

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With a unique voice and uncanny insight in today's Christian woman, Roxanne Henke has written a novel that peels back the multiple layers of the mother/daughter relationship and gets right to the heart.

Learning To Fly" is her soon to be released story of Susie Shaffer and her daughter Lily. A brand new mom, Susie is terrified of getting it wrong and ruining her precious baby girl for life. But some words of wisdom spoken in a brief meeting with veteran mom Darla are words Susie takes to heart.

And those few words make all the difference in the world to both mother and daughter.

Anxious for some adult companionship and a friend for little Lily, Susie is thrilled to reconnect with her childhood friend, Jojo and her little girl, Tiffany. Soon the four are inseparable...until life events and different philosophies guide them in different directions.

With deep insight, Roxanne has penned both sides of the mother/daughter relationship. What happens when you give your child too much freedom too soon, and will holding them close cause more damage than good?

Written primarily from the mom's perspective, occasional glimpses into the mind of the younger girls allow us the chance to understand what they may be feeling when we say "No," or "Go."

No matter what age your children are, or even if you haven't had a child yet, this is a wonderful story for any woman to read. A perfect Mother's Day gift, and a fascinating reading experience for a new mom, I'm giving "Learning To Fly" six out of five bookmarks, with a birth certificate as a charm.

I'm looking forward to more from Roxanne Henke...and her stories of the heart. "Learning To Fly" releases from Harvest House Publishers in February of 2008.

Happy Reading!


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