Monday, December 10, 2007

Home For the Holidays--Day Ten of Twenty Five Reviews of Christmas: Montana Mistletoe

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Here we are at day ten of our Twenty Five Reviews of Christmas, and I'm just getting started! We have fifteen more reviews to go...I may run out of days before I run out of books:-) My featured selection for today is another quartet of Christmas novellas...

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Four girlfriends make a pact to find and marry their true loves by the time they each turn twenty-eight...only problem is, none of them have MET their true love, let alone fallen for him!

Three of the four friends; Lori, Madison, and Deanna all remain in Mistletoe, Montana and are all determined to save their "every day is Christmas" town. Kathy, the one friend who moved on, has not only left her small town roots but has abandoned the faith she grew up with.

Will each of the quartet find love this Christmas season, or will the promises of their pact go unfulfilled? And can Mayor Lori and her business women friends save Mistletoe, or will Christmas memories be all that sustains them?

I truly wanted to like this Christmas novella collection, but I never connected with any of the heroines in the stories. Maybe it's Christmas town burnout, but the stories lacked originality and rang hollow.

Which is odd, because two of the authors are favorites in the romance novel genre. But I'm going to have to give "Montana Mistletoe" three out of five bookmarks, with a sprig of mistletoe as its charm...this one won't be on my shelf of Christmas favorites this year.

Happy Reading!


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Ausjenny said...

Im halfway through the second story but i think i understand what you mean. its taking longer to read than novellas normally do i can put it down and not have to keep reading. i was thinking today im on the same book i've been on all month. the last couple i just couldn't put down. but still i am enjoying it cos its a chritmas book. it could be im busier too.