Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Bit of Housekeeping....

Just a note or two for my readers...

1) If you won a book just before the holidays and it hasn't arrived, do not panic! I'm waiting until after Christmas to mail any more packages to ensure they do not get lost in the mail. Your book will be mailed soon, I promise.

2) I forgot yesterday was Friday Freebie...imagine that:-) So don't forget to check out our Home for the Holidays review from yesterday.

Edited to add: I never did draw a winner for our Final Friday Freebie...but the good news is I got a Daily Planner for Christmas!! Now..............where did I put it?


So, I'll draw a winner later today. All books not yet mailed will go out on Wednesday, January 2, 2008...thanks for your patience:-)

Ummmmm.....I think that's it. We now return you to our regularly scheduled book review:-)

Happy Reading!



Ausjenny said...

Hi Deena, Happy Christmas
I tagged you.

Anonymous said...

I tagged you for he same meme Deena. LOL Sorry..