Monday, December 17, 2007

Angels of a Lower Flight by Susie Scott Krabacher

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Once in awhile, a book will come across my path that I find hard to review. As a reviewer, I'm always aware of the author first and the reader I want to take great care when writing my humble opinions.

"Angels of a Lower Flight" challenged me on many, many levels. The message of the book is a powerful one. Susie Krabacher has a huge heart for the lost, the hurting, and the dying of the nation of Haiti. She has, on her own, made it her life's mission to bring hope and help to the children, no matter the cost.

And Susie's life has been filled with hardship. Growing up in an abusive home, Susie's life choices were not healthy fact, Susie is a former centerfold. With all of that in her past, she didn't know if God loved her or even wanted her.

But Jesus' love is for all who are willing to turn to Him and to accept Him. So, in Jesus' name, Susie now ministers to those who are lost and broken, and her heart takes a regular beating...but she keeps on.

So, why did I have such a hard time reviewing this book?

The early chapters chronicle Susie's life of abuse and as a centerfold. Some of the information in my humble opinion was too graphic. It wasn't necessary, and for me, it detracted from the book's message. But I also fell in love with Susie, and was so angry with those who abused her and took advantage of her.

I skipped huge chunks of background that made me too uncomfortable and focused on the later chapters about Susie's work and her own personal healing. I must caution you as a reader...she does not go into extremely graphic detail, but she does go into some about how she was abused and about her former life. It was merely more than I needed to read; not a judgment on Susie herself.

What she shares hurts. It isn't pretty. It is uncomfortable to read. But to know where she is in her life today is proof that God will not reject anyone who turns to Him, and no matter what is in your past, HE will take your present and use it for His good.

And yet, her heart was SO evident. To read her experiences in Haiti...well, if you don't pull out a few tissues, I'd check your own heart! This woman deliberately takes risks and pours herself out as an offering to these people, and she does it out of love for least, that's how I read it.

My prayer is for Susie to continue to grow in her faith in Christ, and to continue to be used by the Lord to not only save lives in Haiti, but to spread Jesus' life saving message to those who do not know Him. The power of redemption is so evident in Susie's life, and THAT makes the book worth reading.

It is with caution that I recommend this book, and ONLY because of the detail from Susie's early life (I just wanted to wrap my arms around her through the pages...), but I encourage you to at least find out about Susie's work with the Haitian children. And I humbly thank her for the opportunity to read her story. Susie, you will be in my prayers, and I send you much love!

Happy Reading!



Dawn said...

I saw her on Life Today - great testimony but truly a rough life before God.

Amanda said...

I just ordered this book for our library. Hopefully I'll enjoy it, but I definitely appreciate the warning!

Martha Randolph Carr said...

I agree - Susie’s story is very compelling and speaks volumes about the real possibilities. I had the chance to interview her and learn more about what she’s doing in Haiti. To read more, check it out at