Sunday, November 4, 2007

Owls Well That Ends Well by Donna Andrews

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I consider myself a connoisseur of cozy mysteries. I've browsed websites, book shelves and library catalogues in search of the quality cozy, and I'm a fan of many authors.

But no one makes me giggle like Donna Andrews in her Meg Langslow Mystery series!

"Owls Well That Ends Well" is the sixth installment, and it is a "hoot" and a half (did you get that!?). Meg and her boyfriend Michael have finally begun to establish their couple status and purchased a fixer upper home. Problem is, the previous owner was a pack rat extraordinaire.

To rid themselves of the clutter, the couple plan the mother of all yard sales...which quickly becomes a three ring circus with food vendors and entertainment, no less...hilariously funny.

Until the dead body turns up. Man, don't you HATE when that happens!!

So not only does Meg have to keep track of sales, keep a rein on her wacky relatives (which seem to just keep on coming in each and every novel), she has to sleuth her way into proving Michael's colleague and friend didn't do it.

In the midst of it all is SPOOR (Stop Poisoning Our Owls and Raptors), the new project Meg's father heads up. Will the feathers fly when Meg uncovers the culprit? Can she keep track of everything while getting rid of everything that isn't nailed down?

And will Meg ever surrender her heart entirely to Michael? I hate the fact that they are living together...that and some mild language are not my cup of tea. I'm holding out hope that she gets over her marriage phobia (with a family like Meg's, you almost can't blame her) and the two tie the knot.

Because only Michael can handle the wide and varied Langslow clan...and Meg! I give "Owls Well that Ends Well" four out of five bookmarks with an owl shaped bookend...when the two finally tie the knot, it will jump up to a full five!

To join the Langslow fun from the beginning, here's a list of previous titles:

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Happy Reading!


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Mark said...

I'm a fan of cozies, and I love this series, too. In fact, this is my favorite entry in the series.

If it makes you feel any better, they do get married eventually. But I'm not spoiling when or where.