Sunday, October 21, 2007

One Little Secret by Allison Bottke

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One good thing about not feeling get a LOT of time to read! And God has been so good, guiding me to stories that showcase His power in the lives of those who trust in Him, and His willingness to lead those seeking answers.

"One Little Secret" is the story of Ursula Rhoades, wife to superstar attorney Don Rhoades and mom to responsible children Valerie and Victor.

Ursula is content to be a faithful and loving wife and a doting mom...until the time her children are off on dreams of their own and her husband is out of state on a high profile murder case.

When pop sensation Nik Prevelakis discovers her talent for singing, he proposes a project that involves the two of them singing duets. Sounds farfetched, right?

Not the way Allison writes it, it doesn't!

The entire novel, from start to finish, reads like a dream come true, reality television style. But what appealed to me the most was watching Ursula live out her faith in God and in His Word in front of Nik and his entourage.

Her talent is amazing, but her faith is something that rocks Nik back on his heels, and sends him searching for the calm assurance that he sees in Ursula. Her loyalty to God and her family changes Nik for the better, so that by the end of this amazing novel, even he has a glimmer of hope as the seeds Ursula planted begin to take root.

I enjoyed Allison's debut novel "A Stitch In Time", but I think "One Little Secret" is better by far. Seeing God's power work in such a soft and gentle way in Ursula's and Nik's lives bolster's my faith, even though the characters aren't real and the events are an author's fantasy.

I also loved watching her family come to grips with her new found "career"...and how supportive they ultimately were of her. Kind of reminded me of my husband and kids and how excited they get that I review books for authors...and how they all watch the mail for "Mom's books to review".

I think they get more excited about all of this than I do sometimes...nah, maybe not!

I give "One Little Secret" five out of five bookmarks with a bonus gold tassel and a microphone charm...and I'm hoping we haven't seen the last of Ursula and her friend Dee (from "A Stitch In Time")!

Happy Reading!



Dawn said...

Thanks for the review. You've been reading a lot these last few days!

Brittanie said...

This is in my TBR pile. I keep adding to the pile ...
I was a bad Brittanie and bought five books online this weekend so more coming. :)

Brittanie said...

Okay lol Here is what I bought.
"Too Good To Be True" by Trish Perry
"Rematch" by Erynm Mangum
"Hearts Evergreen" by Kathryn Springer and Robin Lee Hatcher
"A Valley of Betrayal" by Tricia Goyer
"Wounded Healer" by Donna Fleisher