Monday, October 15, 2007

Dearest Dorothy, If Not Now, When? By Charlene Baumbich

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Fans of the Mitford series...have I got a treat for you!!

Welcome to Partonville, or Pardon-Me-Ville as it is sometimes called...a small town with big values. Dearest Dorothy is it's most well known and beloved citizen, an octogenarian with get up and go to put younger folk to shame.

I met Dearest Dorothy six books ago when she was in the throes of whether or not to sell the family farm. Katie Durbin and her son Josh had just relocated temporarily to Partonville to clear up her aunt's estate.

In the second book I grew to love the characters of Partonville even more, and met Dearest Dorothy's family--Jacob was a "real peach" (insert sarcasm). Vince was funny, and the story left me warm and cozy.

By book five (a Christmas story...I'm a sucker for a good Christmas story!) I was ready to move to town and hang out with Dorothy, May Belle, Katie, Jessica and the rest of the Happy Hookers (you're dying to know, aren't you...well, I'm NOT tellin!).

In the sixth book of this wonderful series, Gladys McKern is finally up for election as the town's mayor. She took over the office when her beloved husband died, leaving the mayoral seat vacant. But now it's time to elect her for sure...or is it? Who is that contender for the mayoral seat? What's his platform, and does he stand a chance again Gladiator Gladys?

And what about the new mini-mall? Is Katie Durbin truly a city slicker at heart, or has Partonville captured her heart? Will Colton Craig finally get the dirt on Katie? Will Josh go to the Fire Pit with Shelby? And what happens when Jacob (that peach!) returns to his hometown?

All of these questions are answered and many more in this fun-filled visit to Pardon-Me-Ville. If you loved Mitford, you'll adore Partonville. Here's to Dorothy Wetstra living to be 100 years old...and many more visits to circle the town (You'll just have to read to see why!)!

I'm giving this volume of Dearest Dorothy stories...and the entire series six out of five bookmarks, with this volume getting a voting ballot charm...pick up the entire six volume won't want to miss a moment!

Happy Reading!



Charlene Ann Baumbich said...

Wow! This is such a wonderful review that I think I need to read the books again--and I WROTE them!

Arthur Landers read your review too. He offered to buy you coffee at Harry's next time you drop in. Gladys sends you a serious eyeball and yanks down her blazer in salute. Josh revs his V-8 and Pastor Delbert sends you prayers of thanksgiving. Dorothy? Well, she's about to pop her buttons.

Peace and grins,
Charlene, who always speaks for more than herself. ;>)

Daisy said...

Wow! Great review! I just started reading the Mitford series, and now I'm itching to get my hands on this one! :o)

I used too many exclamation points didn't I? LOL