Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Void by Mark Mynheir

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I've been a fan of Mark Mynheir's since his debut novel, "Rolling Thunder". His writing is fast paced and gritty, and rings with a genuine tone of one who's been there, done that.

With "The Void", he has outdone himself. And in the process, I think he's created a new genre of cop fantasy!

Robbie Sanchez is a veteran officer of Florida Department of Law Enforcement. She has seen just about everything there is to see, including the photo evidence of her father's murder. No one on the force knows how his death still haunts her.

Added to the stress of her job is the ongoing care of her mother, Isabel. Diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimer's, Robbie has an on call sitter who has been putting in extra hours while Robbie works to solve murders and to catch criminals. But the guilt eats at her constantly.

When a well liked, highly respected officer is brutally murdered, Robbie's stress level ratchets skyhigh. Who had a beef with such a kind and fair man? And what is the significance of that missing tie tack??

With the help of fellow officers and believers Eric, Tim and John, Robbie begins an investigation of the high tech laboratory Lifetex, and uncovers a plot to clone humans. The outcome of the experiment will blow. your. mind.

Part suspense, part fantasy, part speculative...and a wild ride. Interesting questions are posed, and the answers Mark offers are more than plausible. But will people listen, that is the real question.

Don't miss the first two novels in this series, as both are excellent. But "The Void" outpaces them both in its message and the writing style. "The Void" gets 5 out of 5 bookmarks from me, with a little detective badge and a'll need both to get through this story!!

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