Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Dead Whisper On by T. L. Hines

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Tony Hines is not your typical suspense writer. In my estimation, he is in a class all his own. Picking up a copy of one of his books is a dangerous thrill ride that doesn't end until the last page turns.

I loved "Waking Lazarus", but wasn't too sure about his latest release. It took me places I wasn't sure I wanted to go, but I kept reading. Then, about mid way, a light came on and I was stunned by his brilliance once again.

Candace "Canada" MacHugh misses her father, and remembers him as a larger than life figure who could do no wrong. Estranged from her mother and seemingly abandoned by her dad because of their divorce, she is adrift in life and incredibly lonely.

So when her father keeps his promise to contact her if he is able, she is elated.

Only problem is...he's dead. And he needs her help.

There the thrill ride begins. Is it really Canada's father? Who is Doug and is he friend or foe? And how in the world is she supposed to stop that "thing" that's after her? Can she save her beloved town...I mean, she's only one woman!!

"The Dead Whisper On" is not a book to read lightly. It is suspense fiction that is laced with allegory...powerful allegory. The message Tony conveys becomes crystal clear as you continue into this tale...but it does take some time, and forget about suspended just go where he takes you, trusting that at least ONE of you knows the way!

Populated with colorful and well developed characters, "The Dead Whisper On" gets five out of five bookmarks from me, with a miner's helmet as a charm...and don't forget to leave the lights on...bwahahahahahaha!!

(Sorry, I just couldn't resist!)

Happy Reading!


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