Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blood Evidence by Mel Odom

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This is one of my all time favorite series!! Mel Odom has another winner with "Blood Evidence", book two in the NCIS series.

While rescuing a kidnap victim, NCIS Commander Will Coburn and his team find a body buried for 17 years. Further investigation reveals possible ties to a prominent senator and his family--primarily the death of the senator's step-daughter.

Chloe Ivers was murdered seventeen years ago, at the young age of sixteen. A serial killer was caught and never charged with her murder. Now evidence has come to light that the wrong man was thought guilty.

But who killed Chloe's killer? Are the two crimes linked, and if so, how? Can Commander Coburn and his team--the best of NCIS--get to the bottom of this twisted crime without jepardizing careers?

Built into this novel is a backstory of the personal lives of Will's team. Nita's marriage is in trouble--and so is Nita. Maggie's high profile father decides to make this case a personal vendetta against his daughter and her team.

Will Remy fit in as the newest member, or will he continue to rock the boat? And can Will's relationship with his son, Steven, ever heal after the divorce is final?

Skillfully interwoven threads of personal and professional lives weave together to create a fascinating tapestry of mystery and suspense that captivated me from page one and held me until the last page turned.

Each character is well developed and fits like a puzzle piece in the overall picture. I love every last one of Coburn's team, and the writing is crisp and authentic. Both men and women can find something to enjoy in this series, and I can't wait until the third novel is released.

"Blood Evidence" gets the full five bookmarks from me, with a magnifying glass charm. Odom's writing leaves no stone unturned, no detail left dangling...and you'll be hooked once you pick up this book!

Happy reading!


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Brittanie said...

Deena I lovved this book too. To me it was even better than the first one and I liked it too. Have you heard when the third book will be out?