Tuesday, July 10, 2007

True Light by Terri Blackstock

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This series is NOT for the faint of faith!!

"True Light" is book 3 in The Restoration series, and it is Terri's most ambitious series to date. The premise is this: what would happen to our world as we know it if everything suddenly shut down?

Think of it--everything in our world is run through electronics and electricity. Her theory is a supernova (overheated star) is sending off electromagnetic pulses that have destroyed or disrupted any and all electronic and electrical devices.

Cars don't run. No lights. No power. No water. No phone. No clocks. No stores. No transportation.


How would we survive? What would we do? And most importantly...

What would we become?

In this book, a young boy is shot and left for dead, all for the sake of the deer he just killed to feed his family. Another well known man is accused, and the lynch mobs are out in force.

But who really shot Zach Emory? And how will the law enforcement take care of the escalating crime? How much longer can the people of Crockett survive like this??

A very intriguing premise, with chilling results. We are a very indulged world, and we would be wise to remember who our blessings come from, and who we are to be dependent upon.

"True Light" is off the bookmark charts...can't go wrong with a suspense series from the Mistress of Suspense, and the one who always dedicates her writings to "The Nazarene..."

Happy Reading!



Barbara H. said...

Terri is a favorite author, and this is on my TBR list this summer. I've read the first two. I'm afraid this would be a scenario I would have a very hard time with -- I love my creature comforts a little too much.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Amy said...

I have this series on my TBR...haven't made time to read it yet. I loved your review...can't wait to get to it!

Denise said...

On my list, gotta read it.