Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

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Some stories you read for the tale.

Some stories you read for the telling of the tale.

Harry Potter is a story you read for both.

For several volumes, JK Rowling has allowed us to be more than just voyeurs into Harry's world...more than spectators...we were participants in a magical journey that concludes in volume seven.

In "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", Jo stays true to her characters, and true to the parameters of the storyline she so carefully crafted. While I will not divulge who lives or dies, I will confirm that several characters do not survive the telling of this tale.

Have Kleenex in hand...that's all I'll say!

But, this is a battle between good and what did we expect, really??

Interwoven in this particular novel are so many themes of faith that I finally lost count. Illustrations of true friendship, perseverance through doubt, believing truth or falling for a lie, trusting in character over behavior, and personal many. I must say again to Jo's Christian you REALLY know what you are talking about?

Because I see Jesus in these stories. I wish I could illustrate my point, but to do so would be to give away too much. Like when Ron gets this....thing...given to him by....this person....and he uses it this thing....and Ron says this...but Harry replies with that.......OHHHHH!!

Just trust me.

Many questions were hanging in the air as we opened to the first page: is Snape good or evil? Is Dumbledore alive or dead? Will Harry survive, or be the final casualty of Voldomort's evil rising?

All are answered by the turning of the final page, and while the answers may not be what we thought, they are most satisfyingly written.

This is a series that will stand the test of time. I am still awe-struck by the well-crafted storyline that has held together for over 3,000 pages. JK Rowling has created such a magical, mystical, BELIEVABLE world, that as I turned the final page...

I felt a sense of melancholy settle over me. It was finished. Done.

No more trips to Hogwarts.

No more Privet Drive.

No more Hogsmeade.

And I loved my time there so very, very much. I think I shall revisit past journeys often over the course of my life.

But no more new adventures....right, Jo??

So, to sum up this review, let me say this: Thank you, JK Rowling, for inviting us into the world of Harry Potter and friends (and enemies). Thank you for putting pen to paper all those years ago and letting that little, almost eleven year old boy with the lightening bolt scar come to life in order to enchant us all.

A very satisfying journey, indeed.

Anyone for a game of Quidditch?? How about Wizard's Chess??

Happy Reading!



Amanda said...

I just finished it, too. I'm going to blog about it tomorrow! Looking forward to your HP week!

Amy said...

I just finished. I loved it. I am sorry its over and I saw many of the same things you saw. What a journey! I will be visiting again often.

Denise said...

Great review.