Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Promise Me Always by Christine Lynxwiler

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This is the PERFECT summer read! The characters are fun, the storyline is believable, and with just a hint of romance...I could envision me sitting on the beach with this one!

"Promise Me Always" is the first in the Pinky Promise Sisterhood series. Allie Richards is a widowed mother of two girls who dreams of starting her own landscaping business.

With the plant nursery she works for bringing in its own crew, she figures now is the time. But the bank doesn't see it her way, so now what does she do?

Enter the PPS gals! This group has been together since grade school and through thick and thin, they've been there for one another. So when Allie gets selected to compete in a landscaping competition, they dive in mulch first.

There's friendship; there's rivalry; there's a guy. Allie's two daughters are fun and fiesty, and you can smell a sequel in the air! I thoroughly enjoyed this story. By the end, Allie was one of MY best friends, and I rooted (no pun intended!) for her all the way.

Pick up a copy of "Promise Me Always" for this summer, and read it with your gal pals. I love chick-lit like this; growing up I didn't have a lot of close female friends, and there's just something about a group of women that circle around one another that I find way cool and very Christian!

"Promise Me Always" gets 4 bookmarks from me, with a gardening trowel charm. I look forward to more from Christine!

Happy Reading!



Amanda said...

Deena, I have to tell you, I love the charms you give to books! I'm always looking forward to reading the last line of your review to see what type of charm you can think up! Love it!

Denise said...

Another great review.

Jenny said...

Savannah and Ellie were suppose to be having quite time. I was napping because I have a meeting at church tonight. I don't know what happened but somehow they broke Savannah's disney princess snowglobe and she stepped on it cutting her foot in 3 places. Chaos ensued and now I have come to the web for a break! I was thrilled to come to you site and find some good stuff to read. You are getting my mind off of the chaos that we call this afternoon. Thanks for taking the time to do all of your reviews!


P.S. I couldn't hold off on Diva NashVegas, I started it thiss week and am loving it!