Saturday, June 16, 2007

False Witness by Randy Singer

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I've read every fiction title Randy Singer has written. Of all of them, this is my least favorite. It made my head hurt, wore me out trying to follow all the threads of storyline, and didn't match the back cover copy until midway through the story.

It totally ROCKED!!!

I could not figure out where in the world he was going with this. The twists, turns and surprises continued until the very. last. page. A total departure from his other legal thrillers, I'm amazed that he could keep track of every element, with no flaws in his logic.

That had to be some honkin' flow chart he mapped out!

Three ambitious law students, an obnoxious law professor, a man named David Hoffman, the FBI, the Grand Jury...and the mob. Does it get any better than that??

What transpires will shake your faith in the legal system, and will encourage you to be on your knees for those people of faith who work in our courts. It is time Christians stopped staying in their holy huddles and move out into the secular workforce to have the impact on our world that we were meant to have.

And to think...this entire mess (the novel) over a stupid math problem!!

"False Witness" gets 6 out of 5 bookmarks from me, with a little briefcase and a GPS chip built into the of them anyway. Never know when you'll need to track someone for their own safety! Or is it....

Happy Reading!


P.S. Oh, and that comment...that this was the least favorite...I was messin' with you...but hey, I learned it from Randy!!


Denise said...

Wow, sounds great.

Dawn Burns said...

Great review - but really, will I have to have a flowchart to keep up?