Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wedding Bell Blues by Linda Windsor

Linda Windsor is back with her new romantic comedy series, "The Piper Cove Chronicles" and the first novel is a fun, light-hearted read. It's good to read her writing again--and it's good to see she's doing well.

Alex Butler and her three friends make up the "Bosom Buddies" of Piper Cove, always there for one another and getting the others' backs. When Alex's ex-husband, Josh Turner (no, not the country singer!) comes back to town, everyone weighs in with opinions on why he's back.

Sue Ann thinks he still loves her, Ellen just wants a look at his wheels, and Jan's busy looking at a romance of her own. Sparks fly and so do crabs (you'll just have to read the book:-) as Josh works to convince Alex that he's not the same man he once was.

Josh's faith is prominent in the story; Alex's isn't. But her struggling relationship with her father, B.J. Butler, brought back memories of my own issues with my dad. Too much alike, my mom used to tell me--as Alex's mom tells her.

Each character is well defined, and each female in this circle of friends will definitely be able to carry her own story. The romance is light, and the message of true love vs. airy romance is distinct. While her works would be classified as romantic fiction, Linda does not paint a false picture as many secular romance novels do.

I love Linda's writing--it's fun and totally void of the "ick" factor. The Christian element isn't always prominent, but it is always there. Faith is a natural backdrop for her characters, and it just flows naturally--never contrived at all.

A family wedding, a family crisis, and the embers of a lost love rekindled...all amid great friendships and life lessons learned--that's what you'll find in this Linda Windsor novel. This promises to be a great series, and I'm looking forward to more from Piper Cove.

"Wedding Bell Blues" gets 3 bookmarks and a bonus seashell tassel from me...I'd make it a crab, but then Alex....well, you'll just have to read the story:-)

This story hits shelves July 2007, and is a premier title in the new Avon Inspire line of fiction. With quality like this, I'm sure to become a frequent buyer!

Happy Reading!


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