Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Saint" by Ted Dekker

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"Saint" is the second in a trilogy of novels by Ted Dekker. If you've ever read a Ted Dekker novel, you know how he loosely ties his novels together by threads that don't unravel the story, but do tie them together.

He has done this with "Saint" and the first novel in the series. "Showdown" is the classic battle between good and evil. It is the result of an experiment gone awry, and that's all I'm going to tell you about that one!

But we open book two with the creation of an assassin. The process is both horrifying and fascinating. Carl Strople is part of Project X, and his entire purpose is to kill. He is trained, broken, tested, and then given a project.

His target is simple...or is it? Are things really as they seem? Come on, this is written by Ted Dekker...of COURSE they aren't!! But what is truth and what is make-believe in this story is something that both Carl and the reader must figure out.

For Carl, lives depend upon it. For the reader, it is the key to unlocking the deeper meaning of Ted Dekker's latest trilogy. With Ted, you have to read on two levels...the story...and then the purpose for the story.

Believe me, Ted Dekker has a purpose. And he takes a lot of flack for it. But his purpose is sound, and it is one that every believer needs to heed, regardless if a fan of his writing or not.

The battle between good and evil exists, and it is far darker and more dangerous than we realize. This isn't my favorite of Ted Dekker's writings, but I did enjoy "Saint" a lot more than "Showdown". I think my favorite Dekker novels will remain "Blink" first and "Thr3e" puns intended!!

I look forward to finishing this trilogy out with "Skin", which is on my to be read shelf...and it will be there a bit longer...I need a break from the spooky stuff!! I've been told if you want the full really must begin with "Black"...which, thankfully, I've read the last three novels...

"Saint" gets four bookmarks from me, with a bonus charm of the Bible...our weapon against the force of evil in this world...keep it close, people!!

Happy Reading!



Amanda said...

I need to re-read Ted Dekker. The first book I read of his was Heaven's Wager which I did NOT like and did NOT agree with. Did you read it? Basically God kills off all the Christians in a family so the non-Christian can get saved. So...I need to try another Dekker novel b/c I know everyone raves about him.

Janet said...

I know, I'm coming late to this. Every time I see Dekker discussed, there are always disclaimers along the lines of "even if you don't like his writing"... Obviously not everybody is raving.

I'm not. I read Black and I was so disappointed I haven't touched another thing by him. I wasn't even motivated to read the sequel.