Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hart's Crossing Novellas by Robin Lee Hatcher

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I really don't care much for novellas...not much bang for your buck.

But I have to say that I adore the Hart's Crossing series by Robin Lee Hatcher...and each story is adorable.

Legacy Lane Angie Hart returning home to care for her mom, Francine. Will their relationship be restored, or continue to be strained?

Veteran's Way reunites old flames Jimmy Scott and Stephanie Watson. The age old game of "what if?" is played out for the two of them.

Diamond Place deals with a ten-year-old's love of baseball, and a romantic interest between her mom and her coach.

Sweet Dreams Drive concludes with Al and Patti Bedford, new parents of twins and severely sleep deprived. Can they survive the challenges of parenthood and the financial stress they've created for themselves?

As I said, novellas don't usually offer me much for the price...but these satisfied. I'm hoping eventually they'll be compiled into one volume...but I couldn't wait to add them to my collection:-)

This series gets 3 bookmarks and a bonus tassel from me!

Happy Reading!


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