Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Crime Scene Jerusalem by Alton Gansky

Know any skeptics who love to read?

Then have I got a book for you!

"Crime Scene Jerusalem" is a historical novel with a definite twist. Maxwell Odom (not to be confused with author Mel Odom) is a crime scene investigator. After his personal life begins to interfere with his professional work, he is sent on a sabbatical of sorts.

Israeli crime scene technicians pride themselves on being the best in the world, primarily because they learn as much as they can from whomever they can; hence, Max's trip to Jerusalem for a seminar on crime scene techniques.

Called downstairs to meet his driver, Max steps across the threshold of his modern day hotel into Jerusalem as Jesus saw it. Thus begins a historical fact finding mission, in which Max must solve the crime of all time in order to make his way back home again.

Loaded with historical facts, documented events and packed with Scriptural references, "Crime Scene Jerusalem" will intrigue even the most skeptical reader. I've never read a novel like this before, but Alton always does have a way of surprising me with his gifted writing.

Whether you just want a fresh look at Jesus and all He endured, or you desire to reach the questioning minds who look to you for answers..."Crime Scene Jerusalem" is a novel you won't want to miss. And look for the companion book, 40 Days.

"Crime Scene Jerusalem" gets 3 bookmarks and a bonus magnifying glass charm from me for story; a full five bookmarks for content.

Happy Reading!


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