Thursday, May 31, 2007

Batchelor's Puzzle by Judith Pella

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I usually don't read historical novels. I used to jokingly call them "hysterical" novels. But after reading the back copy of this one...well, I just had to try it.

This was a fun, lighthearted novel...kind of a Desperate Housewives meets Little House on the Prairie!!

The women of Maintown, Oregon are all excited that the new circuit riding minister is single. The quilting circle immediately comes up with the idea of creating a welcoming quilt for him.

The catch?

Each woman makes her own square...with the available young women putting extra care into their design. And they don't just have a design on the quilt...they have their own designs on the new minister as well.

What they don't know is that their minister...well, he isn't a minister. He's a con man on the run from a deal gone bad. Zack Hartley didn't mean to stay long...he only intended to lay low for a few weeks.

Before long, he IS ministering to his "flock", and enjoying it. Well, except for the guilt that dogs his steps. What will happen? Will the townspeople uncover his deception? Will one of the lovely ladies catch his fancy?

This series is off to a rolicking start...and has a wonderful message on what it truly means to minister to one another. I enjoyed my visit with the Patchwork Circle...and might even come back for another visit when the next installment is released.

"Batchelor's Puzzle" gets three bookmarks from quilting square though...I already netted my man 22 years ago!!

Happy Reading!


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