Wednesday, April 4, 2007

You Matter More Than You Think by Dr. Leslie Parrott

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I've only read one other book written by Dr. Parrott. It was what you would expect from a psychoanalysist and a doctor and a marriage counselor.

This book wasn't what you'd expect. More autobiographical in nature, "You Matter More Than You Think" feels like coffee with a concerned girlfriend than a doctor diagnosing a disorder.

Dr. Parrott...oh, forget that!...Leslie writes about her own journey to self discovery at the age of 40. She includes personal journal entries and poetry to illustrate her points. And her point is simply matter more than you think you do.

Her emphasis is on how women love, how women care, how women empathize can have more of an impact in our world than the greatest of achievements. She does analyze the differences between men and women and how they gauge their importance, or their influence. But again, it's not clinical at is very personal.

My favorite part of this book is learning about her "Band of Friends", a group of diverse women she invites to meet with her every third Friday to discuss one question posed by that month's hostess. Leslie admits she stepped out of her comfort zone to do this...but they have been meeting together for four years at the publication of this book.

That is something I've longed for. A few sisters in Christ who know me inside and out...that I can totally be myself with...who hold me accountable for being honest and sincere...I'm working on it.

Leslie is real. She doesn't hide behind her fancy degrees. She doesn't preach at you. She tackles being a woman of influence in a new and fresh way. Her writing is easy to read, and flows very well. She is candid, and she is genuine. She is someone I would love to have coffee with at Starbucks.

If you are struggling with whether or not you make a difference, whether or not your life matters at all, whether or not you will leave a mark once you are this book. I think you'll learn, like I did, you matter more than you think.

I give "You Matter More Than You Think" 4 bookmarks.

Happy Reading!


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MizB said...

Thank you for reviewing this! I have it coming to me from 'Crossings' book club, and was wondering if I'd like it. :o)

(I also have coming to me "Hidden in Plain Sight" by Mark Buchanan, just FYI) ;-P

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