Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sober Justice by Joe Hilley

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I love mysteries...and I love when I find a new mystery author. Then the mystery is, "Will I like this story, these characters, this author?"

When it comes to "Sober Justice", book 1 in the Mike Connolly mystery series, the answer is a resounding "YES!"

Mike is an alcoholic, deadbeat attorney. His ex-wife hates him, his daughter wishes him dead, and he is forbidden from seeing his newborn granddaughter.

He loves his gin more than anything, and everybody knows it.

Which is why he gets assigned a capital murder defendant--someone doesn't want this case solved, and doesn't want this defendant to get off.

Who is it? The Federal judge? The victim's wife? A fellow attorney? Where does the conspiracy begin and end? We're not the only ones wanting to know the answers to these does Mike!

It isn't until Mike lets go of the gin and reaches out to God that the answers start rolling in. The ending is most satisfactory, although a final scene still makes me go "Yeah! Riiiiggghhttt!" Overall, though, I loved Mike, and was VERY glad he surrendered to God----his drinking was getting on my nerves, and I could almost smell him through the pages:=)

In all, I give "Sober Justice" 3 and 1/2 bookmarks...and there are 3 more in this series that I have to plow through, so expect to hear more about Mike!

Happy Reading!


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Joe said...

Thanks for your review, Deena. Glad you found my books. I quit practicing law in order to write full time. When I walked out of the law firm for the last time, I had the idea for a story and a character through whom I wanted to tell it. The story became Sober Justice. The character was Mike Connolly. After I finished writing Sober Justice, I didn't want to leave the characters. So, I wrote Double Take, then Electric Beach, and now, Night Rain.
Joe Hilley