Monday, April 16, 2007

Mountain Top by Robert Whitlow

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I've read every legal thriller written by Robert Whitlow. I've only read one novel that I didn't enjoy...and that was only because of the ending---and Mr. Whitlow and I communicated on the matter. His characters are so real that you invest in them and care deeply what happens to them.

Mountain Top tops them all.

Mike Andrews is a former lawyer now pastor. He is approaced by Muriel Miller, the accused Sam Miller's wife, about representing her husband in a case of supposed mistaken accusation.

Reluctantly, Mike meets with Sam. What he uncovers about the crime causes many in the community to sit up and take notice. What Mike uncovers in the spiritual realm causes HIM to sit up and take notice.

Sam dreams. The dreams are from God, whom Sam affectionately calls Papa. It is the dreams that get him in hot water with people you don't want riled. It is the dreams that hold the keys that eventually decide his fate.

I love Sam. You can't help but love him. And Mike becomes the kind of man you would want on your team. Pam and Muriel are supportive characters, and wonderful wives.

There's a lot going on in this story. Many characters to keep track of, and subplot after subplot. But Robert Whitlow is a master storyteller and an expert in the law...he himself is a practicing attorney.

Tightly woven into the story is the redemption of Jesus in the lives of people who've done wrong, been hurt, and who struggle to get it right down here. The message of God and His love for people is always a major factor in Mr. Whitlow's writing.

Which is why, even though John Grisham is on par with Robert Whitlow, I prefer Mr. Whitlow. And I think you will as well.

Moutain Top gets a full 5 bookmarks from me. I look forward to the next novel from this man's mighty pen--or PC:-)

Happy Reading!



Gavin said...

Thanks for the review. I've added him to my list. Which is the 1st novel in the series ?


Deena said...

Whitlow's first novel is "The List, then "The Trial", "The Sacrifice", and the only two that are connected, "Life Support" and "Life Everlasting"...
Next is "Jimmy", and finally, "Mountain Top"...
Only Life Support and Life Everlasting are series...the other novels are stand alones.