Friday, February 23, 2007

Lost In Nash Vegas by Rachel Hauck

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Ever had a challenge in your life scare you?

Ever had a dream that demanded you rise to that challenge?

Ever heard the saying, "What happens in {....}, stays in {...}"?

Rachel Hauck's new book "Lost in NashVegas" deals with all three things.

It's witty, it's loaded with music industry knowledge, and it's packed with characters you'll just love.

Robin McAfee is a songwriter at heart. She goes from stocking shelves to living in Nashville, pursuing a dream. One thing about Robin...she has severe stagefright. How she overcomes it is a treat to read...not to mention the secrets found in her musical family tree.

Rachel has a unique ability to create new and fresh metaphors that tickle your funny bone and make you think. I love the way she can turn a phrase, and the words just flow like melted butter on a warm biscuit.

So, pick up a copy of "Lost in NashVegas." Then get on with YOUR dream...and see where it takes you. And hurry! "Diva Nash Vegas" comes out soon.

Happy page turning!


1 comment:

Rachel Hauck said...

Hi Deena,

Thanks so much for the nice plug!! :)

I have to say Aubrey, the character in Diva NashVegas is very different from Robin in Lost In NashVegas, but I think readers will really love her.

She has a real star quality about her. :)

Blessings, Rachel