Friday, February 23, 2007

Hazardous Duty by Christy Barritt

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I found a new author!!!

"Hazardous Duty" by Christy Barritt is a fun read! Gabby St. Clair is an almost forensic pathologist (CSI Tech)...but one semester short of a degree. So, what does she do? She becomes a crime scene cleaner-upper!!

On this particular job, she uncovers evidence that could put her client away. Or could it?

And who wants her dead?

And what's up with Riley, the drop dead gorgeous next door neighbor? And why doesn't she trust God?

I tell you, I just adored this book from cover to cover. This is one author who tops my "Gotta have it" book list from now on.

I want to live in Gabby's building!

I want to hang out with Sierra, even though she is a nutty animal right's activist.

And someone needs to straighten Parker out...there's just something not right with that detective.

I've begged Christy to promise we'll hear more from Gabby and her friends in the future...

Trust me, Christy Barritt is an author to watch...a combination suspense, mystery, romance, chick-lit Christian fiction gal that I absolutely LOVE!!!

Happy Reading!


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