Friday, March 9, 2007

Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore

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Many thanks to Boomama and href="">Robin for this wonderful Bloggity Book Club adventure! And now, on to Beth's book:

Ever hear the expression, "It takes one to know one"? Well, Beth Moore is a former pit-dweller, so she speaks with authority and credentials on the subject.

She states that there are three ways we get into a pit: we are thrown in by someone else's actions, we slip in by not using wise judgment, and we jump in by choosing to sin. In her teaching seminars, every type of pit had a dweller, and many admitted they were dwelling in a pit right at that moment.

This book is full of practical, Biblical counsel, solid examples, and personal illustrations. I love the way Beth breaks down Scripture...she does some of that here, but this is more personal, so there are more examples than ever before.

I believe this is the best I've read by Beth Moore. It met me where I was, and gave me hope. She doesn't mince words...very bold and very blunt, but each word is coated in love, and you can sense her presence as you read the times I could hear her voice in the writing.

The Holy Spirit is also evident, as I read things that totally applied to me, that I had thought, or lines of reasoning that I had been duped into believing. This is a message that is well over due and every believer, especially women, needs to hear.

I have yet to read anything by Beth Moore that I do not care for...but this book tops my list. I will be reading it again, and small chunks as it applies to where I'm at in escaping my pit...because, oh yes, I'm moving out of my pit!!

Get this book...keep this book...if you have to share it, buy another copy. This is one to keep, to savor, and to learn from. I'm so thankful for Beth Moore, and while I wish she hadn't gone through so much, if this is the result, then I'm thankful for her hardships, as they help me walk in mine.

Happy Reading!


P.S. Please come back by and let me know what you think, what blessed you about this book...and be encouraged...we may be in a pit, but praise GOD we don't have to stay there!!


Andrea said...

Just posted on your other blog - but wanted you to know (over on this here blog) that I totally agree with you that this was an awesome book. :)

Susie said...

I loved this book too! Beth Moore is my all time favorite bible teacher.

Robin said...

I rarely re-read a book of any kind, but I can tell you now, I will keep and re-read this one!

BooMama said...

I agree with you - this book is one to be re-read...especially during those times when you find yourself being thrown in a pit, slipping in a pit (raising my hand here), or jumping into one.

Thanks so much for doing this book club thing with us...I enjoyed reading your post!

Nise' said...

Hi Deena, I agree this is one book to KEEP and read over and over again. I haven't finished it yet! Trying to finish up the last week of Breaking Free and WHEW! that requires alot of my brain

SeaBird said...

Hello - stopping by for the party! I've heard so many positive things about Beth Moore lately - must check out on of her books!

Beckyb said...

TOTALLY agree - this one was so motivating - I plan to keep it and reread it often- I marked it all up - it hit me where I needed it most!!

TaunaLen said...

Just stopping by to 'discuss' the book club book. I enjoyed reading your notes. Ths book is definately a re-read for me. Here's to heading up and out, hanging on to God's robe!