Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mooch by Adam Palmer

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From back cover: "Jack Abrams has mastered the art of the handout. From turning a job waiting tables into his own personal buffet to crashing company parties for the freebies, he has a knack for making the most of every opportunity."

Adam Palmer makes the most of HIS opportunity in "Mooch". He opens his acknowledgments by stating "I have a confession to make up front: This book started as a lark...I just wanted to see if I could write a novel in thirty days, following the format provided by the organizers of National Novel Writing Month."

This is a story about the ultimate moocher, Jack, and how he attempts a con of all cons...but does everything go as planned? What happened to Chiffon, and where did she finally end up? Will Louisa do the unexpected and join Jack in this major con, or will her faith win out?

Amazingly, this is a very entertaining read. The characters are interesting, the story line moves at a fast clip, and you actually want to know how it ends up. The humor is rich and you find yourself laughing out loud.

However, the ending does seem a little contrived. A few other elements also seem a little cheesy, but you are willing to forgive them because you are so entertained. The message of Christ is very shadowy, but does get addressed for both the main characters...somewhat satisfying...

If you're looking for a life changing message...keep on moving.

If you're looking for an entertaining afternoon won't be throwing your money away by buying this book.

This might have just been a lark...but can this bird ever sing!!

Be blessed, and do the same for someone else!


P.S. The cover caused a lot of dialogue in my family..."Mom, why'd you write all over your book?" "I didn' know me better than that!" "Yeah, but it looks like you did...that's weird!"

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