Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Hello...and A Goodbye...

To my Faithful Readers and Followers,

Hello!  Yes, it has been awhile, hasn't it?  Life has been crazy at my house.  I truly thought once I had retired and my children had graduated from homeschool/high school I would have oodles of time.

Then I became a Nana to five adorable littles, and my husband took on a second fulltime job, and while the kids are grown, they have not all flown!  So I've stayed busy, busy, busy.

Add in some health issues that are irritating and ongoing, and can probably figure out why I haven't been around lately.

I began this blog ten years ago, right after my mother passed into Heaven.  Ten years.  One decade.  A lotta books, and a lotta reviews.

Recently I craved a fresh beginning, so I have created a new site for my book reviews, and a new review format that breathes new life into why I do what I do.  So far, I'm doing well!  I'm consistent (hurray!) and I'm passionate again (double hurray!).

I'm just no longer here.  That's won't be getting a peek at my bookshelf any longer.  But, fear not!  If you still love me and desire to read my thoughts on today's current reading material, I've found a new home.

The decor is fresh and inviting, and I think you'll enjoy what you find. So hop on over to "Just One More" and check it out!  Please consider following, or subscribing.  And thank you for 10 wonderful years.  You have all made a tremendous difference in my life.

I hope I've done the same for you!

Happy Reading!



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