Friday, May 20, 2016

Memories of a Mad Man by Don Spector

About the Book:

Mad Men. Don Spector didn’t just watch them on television. He was one of them. Starting in a Madison Avenue ad agency in the ‘60’s, he actually lived the life captured in the TV show. In "Memories of a Mad Man" he shares with us an unforgettable era filled with humor, brilliance, wonderful heroes and big, bad villains. The funny and fascinating stories he tells uncover the reality of the ad world behind the show.

• What was it like dealing with celebrities of the era?
• How did the advent of computers spoil one of the greatest boondoggles that Mad Men—and Mad Women—enjoyed?
• The Three Martini Lunch. True or false?
• What's the real truth about truth in advertising? The book answers these and many more intriguing questions in this unique look into a unique profession.

My Thoughts:

I don't do this very often, but I'm very impressed with this non-fiction offering by Don Spector.  This isn't a faith-based book, but it is entertaining and filled with information about the advertising industry.

I personally have never watched the television show "Mad Men", but I do know it was extremely popular.  And very well written and accurate.  Mr. Spector writes from that perspective, a time when doing a shoot for an ad campaign was a chance to travel.  When hiring people often meant meeting famous people, sometimes before they became famous.

Mr. Spector tells of meeting Lon Chaney, Jr at an audition for a commercial he was shooting.  And while Mr. Chaney didn't win the role, it was very incredible and you won't believe who actually ended up with the spot (and to find out you have to read the book!).

As someone who often fast-forwards through those 45-60 second breaks in my favorite shows, I was very entertained.  Mr. Spector has an engaging writing voice, and reading about some of his adventures brought back fond memories.

My thanks to my touring manager (book touring), Tia Souders, for my complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.  Yes, you'll encounter some very mild language, but I highly recommend "Memories of a Mad Man".  Get a copy for your favorite "Mad Men" fan...and get one for you, too!

Happy Reading!



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