Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Far and Near by Amanda G. Stevens

About the Book:

Marcus, Lee, Austin, and Violet are starting over. Texas is supposed to be their sanctuary. But the Constabulary isn't ready to relinquish their worst offenders, legal jurisdiction or not. They've sent agents in undercover, and Marcus is the assigned target of one who has personal reasons to bring him back dead or alive.

Marcus and Lee are ready to be whole again, to secure a home here--together. But wholeness and home might not mean what they thought. Stopping the Constabulary hunters will require more than Marcus knows how to give, and God is about to use him again in a way he doesn't expect.

Enemies, emotions, the past, the future--everything must be faced in the quest for a true haven.

My Thoughts:

"Far and Near" closes out a mind bending and gripping series of books by an outstanding author.  Amanda has taken dystopian fiction and added a note of realism that sends chills down your arms and wrestles with the hope in your heart as a believer.
This isn't true end-times writing, as the events could easily take place, say, tomorrow.  We live in an America that is growing more hostile to Christians, crafting laws that are designed to cancel out the moral foundation our country was founded on...
...depending upon what you read.
Amanda has taken the possibility of genuine faith in Christ being subverted by government sanctioned religion, and posed the question to the reader: if being a Christian was against the law, how far would you go to stand on your faith?  And is your faith worth standing upon.
Key characters Marcus Brenner and Lee Vaughn have been through unspeakable horrors and dangers, and are now seeking safe haven in the country of Texas--that's right, they finally played their trump card and are a country unto themselves.

But the danger still lurks nearby, and it centers around the newcomers to town.  How much dare they reveal?  Who can they trust?  Who will live, and who will die?  Trust me, all bets are off when Amanda crafts a story--even your most beloved characters are fair game.
That's what makes the story so gripping--well, that as well as the authenticity of the story.  At times I was scared out of my mind for these people; other times I was praying for their safety and for the truth to come out...
...and they are not real!  But you could walk outside and see Marcus living next door.  You could go to your next doctor appointment and see Lee.  Your daughter might be friends with Violet, and your son following in the footsteps of Austin.
Yes, these are chilling and gripping novels, but they may be some of the most important books you'll ever read.  It's one thing to 'suppose', or to study the possibilities.  It's something completely different to put belief into action, with characters so real they could walk off the pages.
Prepare for tears.  Prepare to have your world rocked.  Prepare to meet some of the most memorable imaginary people you'll ever encounter.  And prepare to have your relationship with Christ go all the way to the bone after you've read this quartet of 'what if' novels.
I can not fathom how Amanda was able to write these books--knowing where her characters were going and how events were to play out.  This is a strong Christian woman, with a deep and rich storytelling gift.  I'm looking forward to what she has next (kind of...she scares me a little :-)
"Far and Near" is not highly recommended.  It's mandatory reading, along with the first three books in this series.  Do yourself a favor and start reading NOW with "Seek and Hide".

Happy Reading!



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