Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Difference of a Year by M.J. Wilson

About the Book:

The day after graduation is considered the beginning of adulthood. Jenny Hammond is embracing her newfound independence by moving into a new apartment with her best friend after securing her first job. Life is perfect, that is until it gets hard. An unexpected tragedy will push her to an emotional edge. Conflicts at work could end up costing her the job she loves driving her closer to that edge. As she struggles to hang on she finds that the hand reaching out to her belongs to the one person she never would have expected to lean on.

Discovering that becoming an adult brings with it hope and despair, love and loss, and weakness and strength. Will she be able to navigate through all the challenges blocking her path before all is lost? Will she find a way to move past her insecurities to allow in the one person who might be able to help heal her heart and find a way to start living again. Can she come to terms with all the changes a year can bring?

My Thoughts:

"The Difference of a Year" by M.J Wilson grabs the reader's attention from the first few pages.  I was laughing along with her delightful characters from the start.  When they hit rough times, I cried along with them.

And Ryan made the exact same impression on me that he made on Jenny...and he grew on me the exact same way he grew on Jenny!!  Now, that's some great writing, folks!.

I had planned on reading a few chapters, then finishing the next day.  Instead, I ended up playing one of my favorite games: the "Just One More Chapter" game that leaves you bleary eyed in the morning but oh, so satisfied in your imaginative heart.

My thanks to M.J. for providing me with a copy of her novel in exchange for an honest review.  How's this for honest?  I loved "The Difference of a Year" so much, I searched her on Amazon and bought two more of her books when I was in Chapter Two of "TDOAY"!

"The Difference of a Year" is ideal summer reading, and is highly recommended!

Happy Reading!



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