Monday, July 6, 2015

Along the Broken Road by Heather Burch

About the Book:

Armed with only a journal and a promise, soldier Ian Carlisle returns home to fulfill his friend’s dying wish: to find the man’s daughter and read her his journal, one page at a time. The woman he finds in River Rock, Missouri, is just as warmhearted, artistic, and feisty as her father described.  Ian had fallen in love with Charlee McKinley before he even met her, but he has no idea if she’ll ever return his feelings. Charlee loved her father—but she didn’t like him very much. Regimental and strict, Major Mack never approved of his daughter’s choices. So when a down-on-his-luck soldier arrives on Charlee’s doorstep, she’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, but not her heart.

It isn’t until he starts reading to her that the beautiful, touching words begin to unlock something deep inside. But when Ian reveals a secret that shakes Charlee to her core, will she close herself off to love out of fear?

My Thoughts:

Heather Burch exploded on the writing scene with her critically acclaimed "Halflings" trilogy, earning her positive attention from YA readers everywhere.  As a reader, I enjoyed that series.  As a woman, I'm in love with her new contemporary novels.

Heather is a phenomenal writer, and her gift of storytelling reflects a finely honed craft.  "Along the Broken Road" introduces us to Charlee McKinley, a broken woman just struggling to find safety and belonging.  If she doesn't, she runs.

We also meet Ian Carlisle, a man who, unbeknownst to Charlee, served under the command of her father, Major Mac McKinley.  Ian is on his final mission for his commanding officer, and a huge part of that mission is to teach Charlee how to stop running.

In honor of her mother's memory, Charlee opens and runs an artists' retreat for an eclectic group of four: a crotchety old painter, a man who prefers kilts over trousers, and two adorable elderly sisters with quirks of their own.

The characters are delightful, and story is gripping, and the romance...well, it gets a bit heated, so be warned.  But it doesn't cross over into the immoral, just kind of kisses the boundaries quite a bit.  But the relationships between these imaginary people will speak to your heart, and quite possibly bring healing to your broken areas.

I'm excited for this series, and can hardly wait for big brother Jeremiah McKinley's story, which will release next year.  Plus, Charlee has four brothers, so oh, the stories Heather can tell!  My thanks to my friends at NetGalley for my advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

"Along the Broken Road" is highly recommended, with a warning about intense kissing.  But I still highly recommend this book!

Happy Reading!



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Just Christine said...

Ooo, just reading the review and I'm interested in checking out this book. I'm new to your blog, and I see that you are a Christian and review Christain books. Yay! But, I didn't see any mention of a faith piece to this story? Is there one? Is it subtle or strong? Thanks!

Deena Peterson said...

Oh my word, I can't believe I forgot that!!

Yes, there is an element of faith in this one, but Heather has a way of being subtle yet strong. She incorporates faith smoothly into her stories, isn't heavy handed, but gets her point across.