Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Remedy by Serena Chase

About the Book:

PURPOSED by birth. DESTINED by prophecy. REVEALED by Truth.

Now, her time has come.

Having come to terms with her long-hidden identity, Princess Rynnaia E'veri is ready to take her rightful place. But before she can join her father at Castle Rynwyk, she must endeavor to fulfill a 200-year-old prophecy and defeat the Kingdom's ancient enemy, the Cobelds.

Joined by her faithful knight, Sir Julien de Gladiel, and a gifted group of friends, Rynnaia must trek a dangerous path through canyons, forests, and into the very depths of a mountain where, if the prophetic scrolls prove correct, she will face an unknown foe, alone. Treacheries will be discovered, sacrifices will be made, friends will be lost, and love will be tested, but if even one line of the riddled prophecy is misinterpreted, Rynnaia will fail . . . and the Kingdom will fall.

Beginning at the point THE RYN ended, THE REMEDY concludes an epic re-imagining of the classic Grimm fairy tale, Snow White & Rose Red, but the Eyes of E'veria series is only beginning

 . . . Book 3: The Seahorse Legacy (May 2014) begins an adventurous retelling of the classic Grimm tale, The Twelve Dancing Princesses and an epic scope that will conclude the second 2-book set of the Eyes of E'veria series when Book 4: The Sunken Realm releases in 2015.

My Thoughts:

When I fall so deeply in love with a debut novel, especially in a genre such as fantasy, I always pause before picking a sequel.  In the back of my mind I always wonder if the second can be as epic as the first.  After all, the second novel is often the bridge book in a series, and can sometimes be the slowest of a series.

Well, I'm very pleased to let my readers know that "The Remedy" by Serena Chase is not only AS good as "The Ryn"....it's even BETTER...and that was as close to impossible as a task can be!

This second novel is a whopping 524 pages, but you will feel as if you've blinked and you've reached the last chapter.  Sweeping, epic, and stellar with memorable characters and a gripping tale that will have you playing "just one more chapter" until the wee hours of the morning.

Serena also lays foundation for the next two novels in this huge and wonderful story arc.  Even greater things are ahead for our beloved group of fantasy friends...and Serena has promised two more novels to wrap up the story in a fairly nice and tidy bow.

My only issue with this fantasy series is I WANT THE NEXT TWO NOVELS NOW!!!  And yes, "The Seahorse Legacy" is already available, but I'm no dummy.  I'm waiting until "The Sunken Realm" is closer to release date, because I already know I won't want to wait.

My favorite fantasy series of the year (which would literally be 2014, but I'm late to the reading party), and most definitely in my top five fantasy reads EVER, which includes The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter (as well as Jill Williamson's "Blood of Kings" and Laini Taylor's "Daughter of Smoke and Bone" trilogy).

So get reading, friends!  You're in for an epic feast for the imagination with "The Remedy".  Trust me...this is a thing I know!

Happy Reading!



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Serena Chase said...

Wow! Thanks so much for your kind words about The Ryn and The Remedy! --so encouraging!--I'm so glad you've enjoyed the series thus far and I hope you enjoy a bit more piratey take on E'veria tales in the next two books! <3 ~Serena