Thursday, April 16, 2015

Random Acts of Murder by Christy Barritt

About the Book:

When Holly Anna Paladin is given a year to live, she embraces her final days doing what she loves most—random acts of kindness. But one of her extreme good deeds goes horribly wrong, implicating Holly in a string of murders. Holly is suddenly in a different kind of fight for her life.

Only two other people know Holly was at the site of the murder, and one of them is the killer. Making matters stickier is the fact that the detective assigned to the case is her old high school crush and present day nemesis.

The clock is ticking as Holly is forced to play a dangerous game. Will Holly find the killer before he ruins what’s left of her life? Or will she spend her final days alone and behind bars?

My Thoughts:

Christy Barritt has been one of my favorite authors ever since "Hazardous Duty" hit my shelf! Not only is she a gifted storyteller, but her imagination is prolific...resulting in a wide variety of choices to read. One of her new series' that I've quickly grown to love is the perfect spin-off. She cleverly placed Holly Anna Paladin in a Squeaky Clean mystery...with no clue that Holly was due to get her own series.

"Random Acts of Murder" has the quirky fun we love, but adds extra heart and an entirely new cast of characters. Holly is a huge fan of all things vintage and hearing about her old-fashioned attitude and style is an added treat. Jamie is hilarious, and the interaction between the two best friends will take you back to the days of Lucy and Ethel.

From the members of Holly's family to the people in her circle of influence, not one character is wasted. Each person is so strong in character that each could support his or her own novel. Personally, I can't wait to learn more about Alex and Ralph, Holly's high achieving siblings. For that matter, I'm eager for more of Jaime's family relations as well!

Another point to note: Each of Christy's series has its own flavor. Some are more light-hearted, some are a bit darker...and some you don't want to read when you're home alone **insert creepy music**. But each story is consistent in the message of hope, faith, and love that are signature Christy Barritt elements.

One of the best, in my opinon. "Random Acts of Murder" is highly recommended, and the first book is the beginning of what promises to be a favorite series.

Happy Reading!



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