Monday, November 24, 2014

The Beauty of Believing from FaithGirlz

About the Book:

Are you ready to blossom?

Faith is like a flower. In order to grow, it needs soil, water, and sun—food for the spirit. That’s just what this devotional is. Spiritual food to help your faith grow strong and beautiful.

Featuring 365 days of wisdom from your favorite Faithgirlz! authors, as well as quotes and questions from real girls like you, this devotional offers pages of inspiration on everything from navigating friendships, to taming the tongue, to trusting God in everything, big and small. Growing up can be tough, but Jesus is guiding you every step of the way.

Beauty of Believing combines the talents of Faithgirlz! authors Tasha K. Douglas, Mona Hodgson, Kristi Holl, Lois Walfred Johnson, Allia Zobel Nolan, and Nancy Rue, and their words of wisdom will help your faith bloom and flourish as you grow into the girl God wants you to be.

My Thoughts:

As a grown woman with my kids either grown or on the way out of the nest, I'm so thankful to find books like "The Beauty of Believing"...and a little jealous, too.  When I was a teen in the church we had very little resources to help us grow in our faith, except our Bibles, of course.

The Bible is the most essential tool for cultivating a life of faith.  Books like "The Beauty of Believing" are the added nutrients, helping take the Words of Truth and incorporate them into our lives when it comes to everyday situations.

Situations every girl encounters, like hallway gossip, mean girls, and BOYS!  I would have loved to have had "The Beauty of Believing" in my locker, on my bedside table, or just sitting with my Bible when I was growing up.

And this book encompasses the best of the best voices in young adult and pre-teen writing today.  These are women you can trust to guide your daughters and granddaughters, nieces and sisters through the choppy waters of teendom into adulthood.

My thanks to my friends at Zondervan Publishing for my complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.  Any time you see the "FaithGirlz" logo, you know you're getting quality and truth.

Highly recommended.

Happy Reading!



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