Monday, July 14, 2014

Sky Zone by Creston Mapes

About the Book:

A rally for a controversial presidential candidate.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
A terrorist threat.
A nightmare of cataclysmic proportions. 

Jack and Pamela Crittendon have hit the breaking point. After months out of work as a reporter, Jack is playing Mr. Mom and working part-time at Festival Arena with his survivalist friend Brian Shakespeare. Meanwhile, Pamela has gone back to work full-time while eight months pregnant. Having her recently widowed mother on hand isn’t making matters any easier.

With financial pressures boiling, Jack reports for duty at a rally for controversial presidential candidate Martin Sterling where he expects a mindless night on the job. But when Homeland Security picks up intel about a potential terrorist threat, Jack and Shakespeare are thrust into a life-or-death battle to save their own lives—and the lives of thousands of innocent people.

This third book in The Crittendon Files reminds us of the power of family, friendships and faith—and why we are never in as much control as we think.

My Thoughts:

Creston's writing just keeps getting better with every book, and that is really saying something, because he has ROCKED ever since his first novel.  "Sky Zone" kicks it up another notch by putting innocents in harm's way of an unseen enemy with no way of escape.

Life is strained between Jack and Pam.  But, honestly, doesn't every marriage get strained now and then?  It's nice to watch the two of them be honest and transparent with one another (eventually) and work through their problems without throwing out the "D" word.  Even though they aren't real people, they can teach some real life lessons to us all.

Shakespeare is a kick in the pants!  I loved that guy!  I'm so glad he gets his head on straight by the time...oops, almost gave something away sneaky readers!  But he's cool, and so is his family.  I'd love to see more of him in future books.

Martin Sterling is like every other politician these days...annoying, self-righteous, self-centered, and way off course when it comes to following God.  But does he deserve to be the target of a terrorist attack?

You'll have to make up your own mind.  Trust me, The Crittendon Files is a series you won't want to miss, and "Sky Zone" is the best of the three, narrowly beating out my previous favorite, "Poison Town".  My thanks to my friends at Davd C. Cook for my complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

Make some time this summer for some intense reading, but start at the beginning with "Fear Has A Name", then "Poison Town"...then wrap it all up in the "Sky Zone".  You'll be glad you did!

Happy Reading!



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