Thursday, May 15, 2014

Samantha Sanderson On The Scene by Robin Caroll

About The Book:

What if getting to the bottom of a mystery means learning how to love your enemy?

 As Samantha and the rest of the middle schoolers prepare for the upcoming Spring Fest, “mean girl” Nikki faces the reality that her parents are getting divorced. Samantha has a hard time sympathizing---Nikki has never been very nice to anyone, let alone Samantha.

 But when Nikki becomes victim of a string of attacks, Sam takes it upon herself and uses her super sleuth abilities to get to the bottom of the bullying. After all, articles on bullying are just what the school paper needs instead of all that silly fluff like popularity tips. Samantha enlists the help of her tech-savvy BFF, Makayla, but while the two track down clues, they leave a trail of trouble behind---and may even be directly responsible for the break-in of their very own school’s computer lab!

 Samantha Sanderson is a resourceful seventh grader with the extraordinary dream to become an aspiring award-winning journalist. Sam and her best friend, Makayla, are always sniffing out the next big mystery to report in the school paper---that is, when they aren’t busy navigating the crazy world of middle school, faith, and friends.

My Thoughts:

I love this series!  Robin Caroll's adult fiction is some of the best in the suspense genre, and her new book series for teens is top quality storytelling.  Samantha draws you in to her world and keeps you guessing until she gets to the bottom of the investigation, and she is tenacious and precocious when on the hunt for a stellar news story!

This book tackles the issue of bullying, and Robin has done her homework.  The story is both entertaining and informative, and I would recommend that parents read along with their teen.  We have no idea just how bullies behave in this new age of social media and aggression...these ain't your momma's kind of bullies!

I had an inkling who the culprit was...and I was right.  But seeing how the story unfolded was fun!  I highly recommended Samantha Sanderson and her reporting...I mean novels!  My thanks to Zonderkidz for my complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

Now is the perfect time to start building your summer to-be-read shelf...start with Samantha Sanderson At the Movies, and add On The Scene as well!

Happy Reading!



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