Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet by Sophie Hudson

About the Book:

There’s nothing quite like family—for good or bad.

But in a world where we sometimes know more about the Kardashians than we do the people sleeping right down the hall, it’s easy to forget that walking through life with our family offers all sorts of joy wrapped up in the seemingly mundane. There’s even a little bit of sacred sitting smack-dab in the middle of the ordinary.

And since time’s-a-wastin’, we need to be careful that we don’t take our people—and their stories—for granted. Whether it’s a marathon bacon-frying session, a road trip gone hysterically wrong, or a mother-in-law who makes every trip to the grocery store an adventure, author Sophie Hudson reminds us how important it is to slow down and treasure the day-to-day encounters with the people we love the most.

Written in the same witty style as Sophie’s BooMama blog, A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet is a cheerful, funny, and tender account of Sophie’s very Southern family. It’s a look into the real lives of real people—and a real, loving God right in the middle of it all.

My Thoughts:

I've been looking forward to Sophie's book (known to bloggers as Boomama) since I added it to my wish list months ago.  From the lovely and whimsical cover design to the witty and at times emotional stories within the pages, this book did not disappoint.

Sophie's blog was one of the first I read on a regular basis when I began writing reviews and attempting to develop an audience.  She was hilarious and wrote from her heart, and I was one of many who posted that she needed to write a book.

Some of her stories may sound familiar to faithful readers of "Boomama", but I found every tale to be fresh and new.  I enjoyed getting better acquainted with Sophie's family, especially her aunt Choxie and Sissie, two of the more colorful cast of characters.

This book is about family and about stories.  We've lost the art of passing down our family history via storytelling, and it's my hope that books like "A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet" might encourage us to slow down around the table and remember how Aunt Pearl used to laugh, or how Uncle Clyde and Daddy used to egg one another on until troubled ensued.

My kids are all adults, and they all have their favorite family stories.  We'll all gather together and before long someone will ask Dad to tell about the time he was swinging with a friend and that friend did an accidental magic trick.  Or one will ask if I remember getting stuck in a ditch at midnight after spying on a boy with my best friend.

Sophie's book has me wishing I'd grown up Southern, with the richness and the roots that come with a Southern upbringing.  Even the recipes had my mouth watering (yes, there's recipes at the end of this book!).  I enjoyed every page, and even went back to re-read some of the stories that made me laugh the loudest and had my eyes filling with tears.

I purchased a copy of "A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet" to add to my 'must keep' shelf of favorite books.  Sophie's book is published by Tyndale Publishing, and I'm hoping she keeps writing stories to share with us and that her storytelling ability is contagious.

Highly Recommended.

Happy Reading!



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