Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Hair & God's Mercies...New Every Morning by Yvette Maher

From the Back of the Book:

Yvette Maher, a Kentucky farm girl, shares her life’s traumas, trials, and triumphs. Before Yvette became a Christian, she dealt with emotional pain by filling the voids with drugs, alcohol, and empty relationships. Yet God did not abandon her. Through poignant stories laced with humor and irony, Yvette reveals how God has redeemed her devastating childhood by enabling her to forgive her murderous and unfaithful father and cope with her mother’s debilitating depression. She tells how God has blessed her marriage even though she was several months pregnant when she walked down the aisle. Throughout the wild changes that have occurred in Yvette’s life, God has been with her, ever-present and offering grace at each turn.

My Thoughts:

Yvette writes with pure transparency and pure joy.  Her journey to faith is well-chronicled and she leaves nothing out.  Her wit and humor shine through even the hardest stories, and her love for Jesus is evident throughout the book.

I loved her stories of life after accepting Christ.  She doesn't paint a rosey-posey picture of how perfect her life became.  Instead, she shares true stories of struggle, heartache and does it with honesty and heart.

This former wild child is wild about her Savior and about sharing her story with others.  Yvette shares some encounters with people God sent her way, and some are heartbreaking...some are hilarious.  Through them all, her love for her Messiah and His message abounds.

Her opening story about her dad and seeing him in the hospital is not an easy tale to read, but I believe many will relate to her sharing.  On the other hand, her story of interviewing for a position at Focus on the Family is worth the price of the book!

When I say Yvette shares everything, I mean EVERYTHING...she shares recipes, too!  This is a perfect book for someone seeking the truth, struggling with doubt, or wrestling through a difficult time.  Yvette's honest sharing makes faith in Christ real, life-changing, and rock solid.

I received an advance copy via NetGalley from Tyndale Publishing in exchange for my honest review.  "My Hair and God's Mercies...New Every Morning" is recommended.
Happy Reading!



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