Monday, July 23, 2012

God on the Streets of Gotham by Paul Asay

From the Back of the Book:

What do God and the Caped Crusader have in common? While Batman is a secular superhero patrolling the fictional streets of Gotham City, the Caped Crusader is one whose story creates multiple opportunities for believers to talk about the redemptive spiritual truths of Christianity. While the book touches on Batman’s many incarnations over the last 70 years in print, on television, and at the local Cineplex for the enjoyment of Batman fans everywhere, it primarily focuses on Christopher Nolan’s two wildly popular and critically acclaimed movies—movies that not only introduced a new generation to a darker Batman, but are also loaded with spiritual meaning and redemptive metaphors.

My Thoughts:

Well, Paul Asay is most definitely a fan of all things Batman!  Or he's at least done his homework on the Caped Crusader.  And no version of the Dark Knight is left unturned in Paul's book--it's kind of funny, really.  My son is a HUGE fan, and has been since the age of one...that's 17 years of Batman in my home.

Recently, he was watching a marathon of Batman 'stuff' he'd recorded on our DVR, and Paul references one of the campy scenes from Adam West's version of Batman...with the bomb and no place to drop it.  Also much quoted is Christopher Nolan's version of the dark hero, and some of my favorite lines are in the book.

That said, I admire Paul for not making Bruce Wayne/Batman out to be a Christ figure.  Instead, he merely points out similarities between the life of a hero/vigilante and the believer...and while you may think that is a stretch, you'll be amazed at how easily the analogies fall into place.

While "God on the Streets of Gotham" is a serious book, Paul Asay has his humorous moments as well.  Fans of the Bat will enjoy the book tremendously; those who are anti-culture may find the references a bit much.  As someone who has lived all things Batman along with my son, I found the book refreshing and enjoyable and food for thought.

I received my advance copy of "God on the Streets of Gotham" via NetGalley from Tyndale Publishing in exchange for an honest review.  Recommended...and I'm getting a copy for my son.

Happy Reading!



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